Kayla’s Vision

I am running for re-election to the West Virginia House of Delegates because it is so important that we have leaders willing to put in the hard work for their constituents – work that results in real policies that make sense for real people.

Kayla Young

More Money in Your Pocket

A massive unspent budget surplus is not a victory, it means we’re taking too much of your money. We must approach tax reform with working families, not corporations, at the front of the line, especially during times of inflation.

Support for Small Businesses

Our Main Street businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. We should be finding innovative ways to help those that are growing state’s economy and creating jobs for our people.

Energy Diversification

Our global economy demands access to green energy, and West Virginia must expand to allow more than just fossil fuels. We know that low carbon manufacturing and technology jobs are the future, and we must adapt to attract these industries.

Protecting Freedom and Rights

All West Virginians know what is best for them and their families and should be able to make those decisions free from government interference. We must protect bodily autonomy and the right to privacy for our residents.

Accessible Child Care

Ensuring quality child care throughout West Virginia serves two incredibly important purposes — preparing the next generation during their most critical developmental stages, and increasing our workforce participation rates for parents. Nothing is more critical to me than supporting our families and putting our children first.

Sensibly Cutting Regulation 

While regulations are vital for the safety and wellbeing of our residents, we are long overdue for modernizing many of our government agencies, boards, task force, and oversight. We should encourage business and prosperity without hindering innovation and growth.

Attracting New Industries & Creating Jobs

Creating an improved quality of life for West Virginians is vital for increased investments and keeping our young people in our state. We must lead with inventive economic development propositions and be willing to be the first.

Paid Leave Access

No one should risk losing a paycheck by taking time to care for family or themselves. An equitable paid leave program works for both employers and employees, and ensures worker retention , a healthy environment, and shows that we value families and their futures.

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