Kayla’s Vision

Kayla Young House of Delegates

Building Strong Communities

  • Supporting our teachers & education system including a permanent fix to PEIA
  • Working towards all children in WV having a great childhood. Children should never have to worry about having a place to sleep or where their next meal will come from
  • Caring for our veterans & senior citizens
  • Working towards affordable healthcare with capping prescription drug prices
  • Compassionate methods to help with the opioid crisis
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Lowering the homeless & foster care population
  • Healthcare reform on various fronts to ensure all are well

Improving Economic Diversity

  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Diversifying our tax base as to not rely on extractive industries
  • Paid Family Leave that works for employers & employees alike
  • Programs to encourage small business & entrepreneur development
  • Developing our workforce with education options & lowering unemployment
  • Ensuring worker protections and safety standards

Promoting a Clean West Virginia

  • Improving air & water quality standards
  • Diversifying our energy portfolio for economic development
  • Putting consumer protections first and foremost relating to utility companies
  • Ensuring a just transition for workers of eminently declining industries

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