From economic diversification to more opportunities for our neighbors to thrive, I’ve been honored to work for the past two years in the West Virginia House of Delegates – and I am so excited to be working toward a second term on behalf of the people of the 56th District. 


Although our State Legislature convenes part time,  I am in our community full-time talking to families and small business owners, helping constituents work through obstacles, and educating as many people as I can about what is happening at the statehouse. This day-to-day work and the voices I hear define any policy I fight for or against at the Legislature.


I’ve introduced more pieces of legislation than any other delegate – because I wake up, every single day, to fight for the people of District 56. 

Important dates

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This is a local race with a statewide impact. As a proven leader with a bold voice, I am committed to supporting high-quality education, a living wage, and strong neighborhoods with affordable housing and access to transportation. DONATE TODAY!

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