Kayla grew up in the 35th District in Charleston. She was raised by generations of West Virginian coal miners and teachers. She graduated from Kanawha County public schools and later West Virginia University where she studied Political Science, Public Relations, and Integrated Marketing Communications. After college, she moved around the country for a while, and came home to West Virginia in 2013.

As an entrepreneur of both for profit and non-profit businesses, Kayla founded Boss Babes WV as a way for folks across our state to network and amplify their voices. Together they learn, laugh, grow as a community, and fight for equality. Boss Babes WV educates on the importance of civic responsibility and ways to be more active in their local communities to get involved with causes they care about. Kayla believes that if you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu, and encourages people to advocate for themselves and each other.

Kayla has been a staple at the West Virginia Legislature for the past few years working on a variety of issues, focusing on environmental and election issues. She learned the ins and outs of the state legislature, and saw first hand how industry standards sadly often precedes public health.

She lives in South Charleston with her two children, Milo (6) and Zella (5).